DIY Tilt Shift Lens project – part II

OK so I have finalized the lens now and made it much more practical (Part one here). I had to look around for a long while to find a suitable rubber part which would allow enough movement to tilt and shift while still being able to move “in and out” to focus. I settled on a universal steering boot, this was very flexible and around the perfect size for most lenses as the rubber can easily be cut at different points.

To make the lens easier to focus I had to cut the unnecessary part from the back of the lens, this part is just basically a metal tube. This meant the lens could be placed closer to the camera body making it easier to focus to infinity.

You can see here that the back of the lens has been cut and filed down, you can see where I nearly hit the glass with the grinder! Be very careful not to ruin the lens while doing this it is very easy to slip and scratch the rear element.

It is important that you try the lens up against the camera to see how much you need to trim down the boot, you don’t want to remove too otherwise you will have no stretch to allow close focusing. It can be fun to play with tilt shift macro!

I have a cheap nikon body cap with the middle part cut out to act as the lens mount.

The surface that will be glued to the rubber boot has been roughed up to help bond.

Glue is applied to the cap and married up with the rubber boot

Push down for a few seconds to ensure a good tight join with no light leeks. Then leave for a while to set depending on what type of glue you have used, I used super glue as it was what I had, it seems to work very well despite what others may say.

I left it this way up for a while for the glue to set.Here you can see it on the camera, looks pretty good, total cost around £12 and much better optics than a lens baby!

Here’s a little testing of the lens:

The lens can also be used for portraiture as you can focus quickly and selectively blur areas as you wish.

Here is the lens ready to go in the camera bag.

I hope this helps people create their own it is very fun to play with.

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