macro madness

So, now that I have all my new camera toys to play with, I have been experimenting with the macro extension tubes, I bought two sets so that I could double the length and get in really close.

It does make the camera pretty heavy and as I don’t have a tripod with me it’s very difficult to hold steady. Whats more using a big aperture such as F/1.8 makes it even harder as there is such a tiny area of focus.

You can see that the exclamation mark is only just in focus and the rest of the image is blurred, It’s very difficult to focus exactly where you want as the adjustments are so miniscule, but patience and a little ingenuity pays off!

You can see on this image that there is a larger depth of field so there is more detail across the whole image, this requires a slower shutter speed therefore more chance of motion blur, having the camera completely still is vital. This is why you should get a good quality tripod as the even the motion of opening and closing the shutter can cause motion blur. There is an option, I believe, that lifts the mirror up before the stutter is opened so the shake is minimised. The camera shake is very sensitive when using macro tubes or bellows, imagine using a really powerful telephoto lens the more you ‘zoom in’ the more the camera and lens need to be stable.

You can getaway with resting the camera on something solid and get some nice results.

In this picture the camera is resting on the end of the lens and the body in my hands.
A good tip is to take a breath then breathe out slowly and press the shutter as you are exhaling; I think I saw that in a film, a sniper assassin would do it to help keep his shot steady, if it helped him take a steady shot why wouldn’t it help a photographer, it’s exactly the same principle I thought. It works for me sometimes but obviously a tripod is more practical here, good tip for ‘out and about’ photography though.

Here’s a photo to show the scale of the exclamation mark, the piece of paper is a reminder out of a risla packet (cigarette rolling papers).

Here are some other images from today, they can all be found in my photography gallery:


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