walnut & raisin soda bread

So here it finally is, a very easy and quick soda bread recipe.
This recipe is for a very delicious bread that takes only 10 minutes to prepare but has the ability to fool people that you have slaved away for great lengths to produce this soft delicious bread.
I normally make my soda bread using Guinness as the sole liquid (except a splash of vinegar), but a strange reaction occurs between the Guinness and the walnuts. Walnuts contain a high percentage of copper and the Guinness seams to react with the flesh of the walnuts after a few hours and turns them green! This is not a desired outcome for bread (or any food for that matter), so in this recipe I use buttermilk (well actually I use normal milk with a splash of vinegar added to sour the milk). Soda bread made with Guinness and apples is great maybe there will be a follow-up recipe for a soda bread with Guinness.


preheat oven to 190°c

  1. Add all dry ingredients to bowl
  2. Mix thoroughly
  3. If you are using semi-skimmed milk with vinegar, do not skip the vinegar, the acid is a necessity as it reacts with the bicarb to create the rise. The reaction starts when mixed so be quick, you want it in the oven while this reaction is still occurring.
  4. Add most of milk and mix through until dough is just sticky and handle-able
  5. Add more milk if needed or a little extra flour, this all depends on the type of flour used, the humidity and lots of other variables so don’t be frightened to adjust the quantities slightly.
  6. Shape loaf into a ball with your hands and dust tray and top of loaf with flour (if it’s a ‘little’ too sticky to handle then shape onto a floured tray with a spatula).
  7. Cut a deep cross on top and put into the top or middle of oven to bake.
  8. Bake for around 50mins or until brown (you can test with a wooden skewer to see if it is cooked in centre)
  9. When cooked you can either leave uncovered to cool (this will keep crust dry), or if you prefer a softer crust cover with a clean tea-towel. I would leave uncovered as you will probably have some left-over to wrap up for the next day and this will soften the crust. So you can have nice fresh crusty soda bread then the next day have soft crust soda bread, perfect for toasting and sandwiches.
  10. Enjoy!

Click image bellow to get ingredients list


2 thoughts on “walnut & raisin soda bread

  1. All our guests liked it very much, in any combination: apple, nuts, sweet corn…it’s great! Chalet Solneige, Vaujany.
    Now waiting for the recipe of the carrot-cake :), Karin

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