Lightning storm

We have just watched an amazing lightning storm from our balcony!

A great time to try to capture something extraordinary, although I can tell you it’s not easy.

I think I must have taken around 150 pictures trying to time the shutter to capture the lightning forks, and out of that mammoth stack of images I managed only a handful or so.
The hardest part is trying to preemptively press the shutter just before you think the lightning will hit, this is made very difficult by the unpredictability of lightning, especially in the mountains!
As I’m typing the storm is still going strong, the rain is too heavy to try to take anymore pictures and the thunder is shaking the windows (it’s so loud and close I can feel it in my stomach!).

Anyway here are the pictures I selected, I edited a few of them to bring out the lightning. I took the majority of them with the aperture fully open and the shutter speed varying around 1/3 sec. I took some at much slower speeds but I really need a tripod. They are all taken using a Samsung EX1 compact manual camera. The battery for my new Nikon D50 is flat and I haven’t picked up the charger yet 😦

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