macerated strawberries

Summer time here in the French alps and it’s getting really hot! What we need is a nice light dessert. fortunately I have just the thing!

Macerated strawberries, my style.
These are a delicious treat eaten alone with some clotted cream. These little babies however, have a much better fate in store for them!
They are going to be the star in a strawberry summer crumble (recipe to follow).

Ok so for the strawberries first as they need to be left in the fridge overnight to absorb the flavours and create their own syrup.
Not much goes into the jar as we want the strongest flavour to be strawberries with the other flavours only there to highly and lift the fruity summer delights.

Really simple method

  1. grate some lime zest into the jar, no specific quantity, I used about a 1/4 of a lime.
  2. squeeze in the juice of half a lime.
  3. spoon in vanilla sugar, again use as much or as little as you personally like. You can balance how sweet or sharp they will be by adding and tasting as you go.
  4. Add freshly ground black pepper, just a fat pinch. This might not be for you, If you are making it for children either omit this or go very easy as they might not like the ‘grown up’ addition. Same goes with the vodka, in fact just give them some strawberries and keep this as an adults only treat!
  5. Next fill the jar halfway with strawberries.
  6. This is the best part of the whole process, VODKA, but not just any vodka, Zubrowka bison vodka. It owes it’s very unique taste to the bison grass infusion.Fill the jar till it just covers the strawberries. Close and give a light shake to mix sugar.
  7. Fill the jar to the top with strawberries, close and give a few turns upside-down and round & round to mix them up. If there is a bigger gap at the top now, fill up again and repeat (you can squash them in a little, but be careful)
  8. Leave in the fridge over night or at least for a few hours to macerate before you gobble them up.

They are great in a glass of champagne or G&T or just to liven up a glass of fizzy water.

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