Vacances en Pays-Bas

During our stay in Amsterdam we had lots of time sitting, drinking, relaxing, perfect time to take some pictures 🙂


This is actually two edited photos spliced together as the boats were not behaving!

This was the view from a window in the Van Gogh Musiem. I found this after a wrong turn in the gallery.
Van Gogh Musiem

We stayed on a great houseboat in Wester Dock, this was the bathroom. It has loads of character and is much nicer than staying in a cramped hotel room.
Boat Bathroom

Which leads me to the next pictures…
Drinking on the jetty2
This is the picnic table outside the boat on a floating jetty, lots of relaxing after a days exploring the city but before going out for the night.
Drinking on the jetty

And this is the view from the jetty during the day
View from the jetty
The best part of our stay was definitely being on a houseboat

Taking a repose in Vondel Park, the weather was beautiful during our stay.
Vondel park


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